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Now I replace the 60 grit ceramic belt with a 220 or 320 grit belt. This time we grind around the blank and stop just as the profile scribe line disappears!
Profiles are all finished and we are ready to drill the bolt and thong holes, as well as establish grind lines. 
After tang holes are drill to the appropriate size and in the correct positions, I go to a 2"X72" belt grind with a flat platen in place and rough tapered the tang to .030" thick.
Next I go to a 2"X72" KMG variable speed belt grinder with a10" contact wheel and rough grind the blades with a 60 grit ceramic belt.
Now that the knife blanks have been separated, I move to the 2X72 grinder with a 60 grit ceramic belt. Here the goal is to grind right up to and just kiss the scribe line, use caution as if you remove to much it can not be replaced.