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Public Knife Designs: You may use any design here just be polite and give credit where it is due.
The first four (4) are designs that Robert Loveless provided me about 1982, feel free to use them but remember to give credit for the design to Mr. Loveless! The first is a 5" straight hunter, the second is a 4" drop point, the third is a 3 3/4" caper and the fourth is a 3.75" semi-skinner.
This model was one of my very first designs. I made the 1st one for my brother who was serving in the Special Forces. It served him well and became popular with other service personal.

This has been by far my most popular model, available in three (3) different sizes and priced accordingly, the one illustrated has an 8 1/2" blade. The production is restricted now in order to allow me to expand my creativeity.
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This one comes with an 8 1/4" blade. While not as fast as the Clip-Point it has a bit more power.
When I attended my first Knifemakers Guild Show I met a remarkable knifemaker, Mr. Bill Cronk. This design is my version of one of his outstanding designs
This is another drop-point modle with a 3 3/4" blade and a shaped handle that is very comfortable to use.
This is another Loveless inspired model.