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Welcome to S.L. Terrill Knives where customer satisfaction is top priority. If you are looking for high quality and personal service, you have come to the right place. I was located in Lindsay California from 1972-2005 and moved to Springville California in 2006. My work is known for it's fluidity, balance and performance. Let me put my experience to work for you.
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The Early Years:

My interest in cutlery goes all the way back to childhood while still living in Missouri, I can remember some of the neighbors complaining to my parents about my terrorizing local dogs with a wooden sword I had made while pretending to be a pirate! Another memory involves sitting on a stump, watching my Grandfather using a small knife to skin some squirrels for dinner. As I grew older I came to own several pocket and fix-blade knives and doing repairs to correct some of the abuse I heaped upon them. Making my first knife came about after reading about custom knives in Gun Digest once my knife was completed I was hooked! Knife making took on more intensity after reading KNIVES AND KNIFEMAKERS by Sid Latham (1973). Only after I started to make custom cutlery did I find out from my mother, that my Grandfather Russell Rowden was the local knife maker where she lived out side of Neosho Missouri. About 1978 I made a chiefs knife for my mother and presented it to her that year after the Knifemakers Guild Show, her eyes lit up and almost as an after-thought saiYou know, your Grandfather use to make knives. Fortunately she still had one of his knives; it saw a lot of heavy use on the homestead and was made circa 1938 and it is now in my possession; talk about a special heirloom!

I enjoy the hours in the shop as I focus upon the project at hand and receive a tremendous sense of contentment from customer satisfaction. This profession has also allowed me to meet many colorful and interesting people. To some such as my good friend and knife-collector Roy Ferguson, knifemakers Larry Hendricks, Rick Browne, Jim Hrisoulas and Robert Loveless I owe a great deal! I have found over the years that knifemakers and collectors tend to be a friendly group of people always ready to help anyone interested in cutlery.

Most of my knives are made to order; however I am do set aside a certain amount of time to produce knives for immediate sell through my web site. At one time I had a lengthy back log of orders, which made it necessary for me to discontinue shows in order to meet my production schedule. I will be attending a limited number of shows in the future for those that want to meet me, any shows I will attend will be posted on this site for your connivance. Current delivery time runs about 6 months for a typical order; however, some special items can take much longer due to the scope of the project. I attempt to be considerate of my clients by keeping them informed about the progress of their order preferably by e-mail or by others means if desired. Any personal information is considered confidential and I will do my utmost to keep it. Your order can be changed any time up till notification is sent that I have started working on it.

This Knife was made by my Grandfather R.Rowden circa 1938. It has a 10" blade and 5" Hickory handle. This knife saw a lot of use butchering hogs and cattle.